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A 98% Qualification Rate and Beyond

No Compromise on Quality

Over the past 20 years, we have prioritized top-notch quality in our production, adhering to the ISO9001 quality system with a 98% qualification rate. Our commitment to quality is evident through certifications like REACH, as well as various tests including zipper, strength, and load tests.

Moreover, our commitment to quality extend to every of our tactical gears, guaranteeing a prompt response within 24 hours if any issue and delivering reliable solutions within 72 hours.

Excellence at our 23-Step Inspection

Expert Support From Start to Finish

From raw material screening to finished product quality inspection, HUASHENG has established a robust quality control system. We mainly focus on the following three major aspects to ensure our gears are of high quality.

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Quality Raw Materials Matter

Materials go through strict quality audits before entering our warehouse, with fabrics passing our fabric inspection machines. HUASHENG stably source the right materials from industrail famous suppliers that match the EU’s REACH standards. We also provide test reports per request.
Test Requested

根据 REACH 法规 (EC) No 1907/2006 及其法规修订 (EU) No 1272/2013 附件 XVIl 边境 50 测定样品样品中指定的多环芳烃 (PAH) 含量。

Test Result

测试方法:参照AFPS GS 2019:01 PAK方法,采用气相

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During the Whole Production Process

Attention to Details

Despite utilizing advanced sewing equipment and skilled workers with 10 years of experience, we meticulously inspect every detail during production. We ensure even stitching with 7-8 stitches per centimeter for inner lining, edge binding, webbing, and thread, ensuring impeccable quality.
VT473-3 Shoulder Tension Test

Shoulder Strength

(ASTM D1683/D1683M-17(Reapproved 2018), (Modified))
  Unit A Requirement
Shoulder   IBF 453.2 STB
Remark:STB=Sewing thread broken

Meticulous Final Test

Before shipment, each order is assigned a dedicated quality control supervisor who ensures that the batches meet our appearance, workmanship, and performance standards.





在最终质量检查 (FQC) 期间,我们的 QC 主管会进行随机检查,以确保符合可接受的质量水平 (AQL)。根据发货前的这些检查生成详细的质量报告。

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