Lean Production

ISO 9001 Certified Factory

Quality Manufacturing You Can Count On

HUASHENG’s 10,000 sq.m. facilities are completely compliant with ISO9001 criteria, allowing us to manage high-volume manufacturing. Our strict quality control standards and well-established supplier management system ensure efficient and reliable production, enabling us to meet even the largest orders demands.

35 Days Fast Lead Time

100% Factory Direct Price

500 pcs Favorable MOQ

Let Numbers Speak about Our Strong Production Capabilities

See through HUASHENG’s numbers that we are your second-to-none partner for custom wholesale bags.


Tactical Gear Factory


Webbing Factory






Annual Capacity

Workshop Tour

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Efficient, Precise Maufacturing

Automated CNC Workshop

Fulfilling smart functions and possessing accurate laser cutting, our CNC machines strictly adhere to ISO 9001 to ensure precision and quality in all test equipment. By handling multiple operations, our automated CNC workshops guarantee efficient production of numerous test machines to secure our single product shortest lead time of 25 days.

No Defect, No Worries Production

Skilled Sewing Workshop

For a comprehensive examination of our machines, we follow several testing aspects such as prototype testing, EMC testing, and safety testing. Our self-owned laboratory guarantees that every test machine meets necessary standards and provides accurate and reliable results.
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Quality Control With Advanced Test Equipments

Explore our modern workshop filled with cutting-edge equipment to bring test equipments from concept to reality and to conduct machine aging, raw materials, and components testing.

Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine

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Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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High-Speed Sewing Machine

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Computerized Embroidery Machine

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Button Holing Machine

Button Attaching Machine

Button Attaching Machine

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