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Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and optimize your product’s appearance, structure, and functionality. With our custom solutions, you can elevate your product to new heights and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Don’t settle for ordinary, let us help you unlock the full potential of your product today!

1 H — Proudct Solution

7 Days — Sampling

25-45 天 — Mass Production

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To meet your specific color requests, we use Pantone Coated color references, the universal language for color. We also recommend that clients request a print sample or a pre-production sample of the product to ensure we match your color demands perfectly.

Well-versed in industry technical standards

1000+ Finished products can be referenced to find uniqueness

Provided customized services for over 50 brands, ensuring that each customized product is unique

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Stay Adaptive

Multi-Environment Patterns

Stay adaptable with our multi-environment patterns. Our diverse range of tactical gear patterns is designed to optimize combat effectiveness, enhance safety, and achieve tactical objectives in various battle scenarios. Choose the perfect pattern for every mission.

Reach New Heights

Versatile Fabric

There are versatile fabric to improve tactical gear performance.

Oxford fabric's high abrasion resistance makes it ideal for military gear that may encounter rough surfaces or intense activities.


Nylon fabric offers a lightweight solution, reducing the burden on soldiers.Its quick-drying properties make it suitable for missions in wet environments.


Flame-resistant fabric offers thermal insulation, shielding soldiers from extreme temperatures and reducing the risk of burns.

Flame-Resistant Fabric

IR fabric provides a strategic advantage by enabling effective countermeasures against infrared-based threats.

Infrared (IR) Fabric

Every Detail Counts


Explore our diverse range of accessories, provide you endless design possibilities. You may choose directly from branded options such as YKK and UTX, or unleash your creativity with customizable options.

Elevate your brand with superior zippers for tactical gear, ensuring reliability, convenience, and optimal performance for tactical operations.

Ykk Zipper

Choose from a range of buckle styles for your brand, offering adjustability, compatibility, and seamless integration with accessories and modular systems.

Hardware & Buckle

Boost your brand with superior and versatile webbing options for tactical gear, ensuring enhanced reliability, versatility, and overall performance.


Choose from a range of Velcro color for your brand, offering adjustability, compatibility, and seamless integration with accessories and modular systems.


Elevate Your Image


There are various ways to have your brand mirrored on your items besides the methods mentioned above. Please contact us if you need professional assistance on how to present your brand logo creatively.

Customized Brand Labels

Customized Packing Bag

Customized Packing Box

E-commerce Label

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