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HUASHENG has an extensive range of ready-made  tactical bag and pack styles you can choose from. With over 20 years focus on tactical gear industry, we have developed long-term partnership with 10+ famous brands for more than 12 years.  Allow our experts to help you find the optimal solution with our recommendations.

The fabric we use for our backpacks is REACH certified for its durability and eco-friendly. In addition, we offer extensive customization options for your custom tactical bag and pack according to your unique requirements. HUASHENG can be your reliable partner in custom bag and packs since we keep a close and clear line of communication between our clients.

User-friedly Design

Effortless usability with expandable compartments, advanced shoulder system, and comfortable carrying for enhanced functionality.

Mission Available

Miission ready with concealed weapon carry system, hook-and-loop patches, MOLLE webbing, glove-friendly pulls, and camouflage patterns.

ILBE System

Efficient and comfortable ILBE system with excellent load-bearing capacity and ergonomic design. Compact yet spacious.

Reliable Partner for Mutual Growth

Benefits of Customizing Tactical Bags with us

Abundant Styles

Diverse styles catering to various missions, environments, and roles, such as training, hiking and hunting.

Efficient Custom Solutions

Get the ultimate customization experience with our prompt and efficient solutions tailored precisely to your specific needs, completed within 1 hour.

Perfect Concepts Realization

Fast-track your product’s success with HUASHENG’s unrivaled experience, converting your concept into reality in as soon as 7-15 days.

Superior Quality

Our commitment to high quality shines through our rigorous material selection and 23 thorough inspections at every production stage.

Punctual Delivery

With our advanced equipment and trained workers, our streamlined production ensures the completion of your custom backpack on time.

Minimum Volume Requests

Take the first step towards success by placing a trial order of only 500pcs per item, backed by our strong support.

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