Universal Nylon Right Hand Pistol Holster PB8999


Home Previous Next The nylon holster is designed reasonably, easy to operate, and can quickly remove firearms, improving efficiency in responding to emergencies Highlights Made of high-strength nylon material Soft lining inside Can effectively protect firearms Adjustable fixing strap Holster can be hold including but not limited to M1911、G17、G18、G19、G26、G34. Designed using Webbing Molle system Compatible […]

Camo Two Point Rifle Sling with Two Different Replace Hooks PB9108


Home Previous Next Highlights with Two Different Replacing Hooks Quick Adjust Metal Buckle Sponge Shoulder Pads to Reduce Shoulder Pressure Schools, training, trekking Limited MOQ Required 500 pcs/ SKU Request A Quote Detailed Specifications Model PB9108 Material Nylon Weight 0.32KG Size 73CM Packing details 1 pcs/opp bag 50 pcs/carton Carton size 50*35*20CM Customzied MOQ 500PCS […]

36″ Double Layer Gun Bag Rifle Storage Bag PB385


Home Previous Next This gun bag is designed with multiple pockets and compartments. In addition to being used as a rifle bag, the gun bag can also be used for various purposes such as outdoor photography bags and toolboxes. Highlights Double layered interval, can store 2 rifles Two ways of carrying Multiple pockets and compartments […]

Open-Top Triple Rifle Magazine Pouch PH1079


Home Previous Next Elastic band retention enables rapid detachment and replacement of magazine clips, ensuring prompt ammunition supply during shooting. Tan Green Camo FG Highlights AR/M4 Magazine Compatible Double Layered Coexistence of pistol & M4 Magazine MOLLE Compatible & Adjustable Elastic Band Limited MOQ Required 500 pcs/ SKU Request A Quote Detailed Specifications Model PH1079 […]

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